Best Crossbow Scope – Top Picks and Reviews

Crossbow hunting is gaining popularity from coast to coast in United States and a perfect scope on a fine crossbow ensures a successful hunt. It is crucial to have an excellent scope with a crossbow so we need to be concerned in our choice of a scope when buying/ordering a crossbow.

In the armed forces is a saying that it is the man behind the gun that matters. Among hunters the expression is that crossbow is an excellent hunting weapon but is only as great as the scope that is mounted on it. Therefore, we need a crossbow scope and we need to closely examine the scopes of the scope and ensure that it matches pound to pound with the qualities of the crossbow.

We must have a state-of-the art scope to match a super performance crossbow to get great hunting results. The projectiles can miss the target quite easily with a poor scope.

Now what feature or features classify a wonderful scope? Primarily, the dominant feature that makes a great scope is bright optics. There are different scopes available in the market with different styles and designs, magnification levels and in various colors.

Scopes are ideal for 30 yards and over for target zeroing-in.

Two Types of Scopes

Apart from the iron or optic sight the red dot scopes and optic scopes are the popular type of scopes used both by archers and hunters.

The Red Dot Scope

The red dot scope is simple up gradation of an open sight and with no magnification to make the target appear closer. A red dot will rest on the aimed area of the target to get an accurate shot. Red dot scopes also come with multiple dots to help sight the sight for different distances and a different dot would represent each fixed distance in the scope.

To achieve a perfect shot it is important that you have the right measure of the distance and the red dot scope is accurately sighted and adjusted for different light levels. Remember, if the target is in lighter light then the red dot need to be bright. If the target is in darker light then the red dot has to be dimmer to give a bright and clear image of the target.

Optic Scope

The optic scope on a crossbow has multiple reticles to adjust the scope for different ranges. The optic qualities of an optic scope include the formation of a quick, bright, crisp and clear vision of the target. Similarly, the optic coating offers the same qualities of establishing a fast, clear and crisp image of the target.

The optic coating makes the scope all-weather equipment and even in foggy environment the scope does not get foggy. An optic scope with illumination feature gives a clean aim at the target even in poor light conditions.

How to Sight a Crossbow?

Sighting of a crossbow is not difficult; on the contrary, it is rather an easy procedure. Although, different “makes” of scopes have slightly different procedures of sighting a crossbow but the basic rules or procedures are not different. A beginner may require 50 to 100 shots prior to sighting the scope and then should be able to make tight groupings from a distance of 20 yards. A professional shooter should be able to adjust the sight of the crossbow after 6 shots. A set sight can last through the season, if not disturbed.

The crossbow scopes fall in different price ranges so a beginner in the field of archery should choose a reasonably priced scope. The archer or hunter should ensure that the scope is reliable with dependable adjustments. Accurate hitting of target with a crossbow requires a multi-coated glass scope with a wide field of view and has to be defined as a high performance scope.

  • Hawke Crossbow
  • Product Dimensions: Not specified
  • Brand: Hawke
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • SNIPER Compact Scope
  • Product Dimensions: Length: 190mm
  • Brand: SNIPER®
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 10.8 oz
  • Truglo 4X32 Crossbow
  • Product Dimensions: Not specified
  • Brand: Truglo
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 1 pounds
  • Raging River Crossbow 4X32 Muti-reticle Scope
  • Product Dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 8 inches
  • Brand: Raging River
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 12 ounces
  • UTG 4X32 1" Crossbow Scope
  • Product Dimensions: Not specified
  • Brand: UTG
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 1.6 pounds

Hawke Crossbow 1.5-5X32 IR SR Scope with Illuminated Circles, Matte

Hawke Crossbow 1.5X32 IR SR scope is one of the best scopes introduced by Hawke. It is a high performance crossbow scope specifically designed to match to any crossbow with the installed sophisticated speed selector. The speed selector has speeds ranging from 275 fps to 426 fps.

The salient features of Hawke 1.5X32 IR SR include double colored illumination in red and green for maximum reticle visibility. The reticle is engineered to provide precision aim points between 20 to 100 yards with 10 yard intervals. The 1” optics of the scope is totally multi-coated to allow optimum levels of transmission of light. The manufacturer provides the scope with flip-up lens covers.

The field of view or the expanse of terrain visible through the scope is 22.5 ft from 75yds. The field of view is crucial in getting an accurate aim at the target because it establishes the speed of locating a target.

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SNIPER Compact Scope 4×32 Rangefingder Reticle with Rings

SNIPER Compact Scope 4×32 Rangefingder reticle with Rings is an economical and affordable crossbow scope having the magnification feature and costing below $30. The Sniper Compact crossbow scope is a fantastic piece of gear for a crossbow introduced by Western Camping Outlet.

The Sniper Rangefingder elevation and windage adjustments are easy to do without the use of any tools. The windage adjustment knob allows you to move left or right the arrow point of impact. The elevation adjustment knob allows you to move up or down the arrow point of impact. The crossbow scope cannot be zoomed but it gives a clear and sharp image of the target.

The Sniper Rangefingder package includes sapphire coating lens, lens cap, lens cleaning cloth, extra screws for the rings and the Allen wrench to fix the scope on the crossbow.

The specifications of the Sniper scope are PT-25L2 ring magnification: 4X Tube Diameter: 1” Objective Diameter: 32mm Field of View @ 100 yards.

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Truglo 4X32 Crossbow Scope with Rings

TruGlo 4×32 Crossbow Scope with Rings is a wonderful product of TruGlo Riflescopes that is perfectly reliable, professionally dependable, excellent workmanship and the remarkable package is available at competitive rates. The crossbow scope is listed at $88.99 but is selling at a cheaper rate of $59.00 saving you $29.

The TruGlo scope is equipped with a trajectory compensating and special range locating reticle. The crossbow scope offers superb brightness, contrast and clarity with the help of totally coated lenses. The scope has a rubber eye guard and quality leaf spring to do the adjustments for windage and elevation. The TruGlo scope is black in color and the body is made of aluminum which is non-reflective and scratch resistant with matte finish. It comes with a lifetime limited warranty.

The features of TruGlo are really remarkable at such a low price. The scope is one-piece tube and is shock resistant, waterproof, fog proof and provides generous 4” eye relief. The reticle is dual color illuminated but it has the option of not using the illumination. The package also includes Weaver-style rings.

The specification of this high performance TruGlo scope are very impressive; magnification: 4x, field of view: 24ft @ 100yds, objective: 32mm, tube diameter: 1,” length: 8” and the weight is 11.4oz.

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Raging River Crossbow 4×32 Muti-reticle Scope

Raging River Crossbow 4×32 Muti-reticle Scope is manufactured in aluminum frame with non-reflective matte finish. The scope provides the hunter clarity, sharpness and four times magnification of the target. The scope is also equipped with a Pro 5-step illumination reticle to overcome poor light conditions and provide an accurate aim of the desired area of the game.

The features of Raging River scope include unlimited eye relief and better aiming point. The specifications of the scope are the objective lens is 32mm in diameter and 8” long.

Raging River is a great economical buy that offers great target focusing results.

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UTG 4 x 32 Wide Angle Crossbow Scope

UTG 4 x 32 Wide Angle Crossbow Scope with 5-step RGB Reticle and Rings is priced below $70. The illumination of the scope is fine offering a choice between red and green and the brightness can be dialed as per your choice.

The specifications of 5-step RGB reticle are it is built on TS platform with 1” tube it provides a wide angle and parallax of 50 yards. The apparent animal movement can be traced within the field of view in line to the reticle. Out of focus parallax means poor or erratic sighting by the scope. The scope comes with a broadband lens coating, flip open lens covers, rings, RGB side wheel illumination, zero reset and adjustment knobs both for elevation and windage.

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Ultimate Arms Gear 4×32 Dual Red Green Illuminated Crossbow Rangefinder Reticle Hunting Target Tactical Scope

The name of the reticle hunting target tactical scope almost carries the complete story of the scope. The tactical scope is priced below $50 but is loaded with a plethora of features. The crossbow scope is rated as one of the best engineered and high performance products in United States with guaranteed top qualities of reliability, dependability and durability.

The tactical scope is equipped with 7/8” Weaver Picatinny rails. The Weaver and Picatinny mount is a state-of-the-art combination to connect the scope to the crossbow. The weaver technology uses a pair of parallel rails with a lot of perpendicular slots to the rails. The Picatinny rail is an up gradation of key system of Weaver rails. The Picatinny rails have very high and strict standards for tolerance and dimension and the spacing of slot centers is non-variant.

The package of tactical scope consists of the scope, 7/8” Weaver Picatinny rails, low profile scope ring mount, see through protective lens lids, lithium battery and lens cleaning kit.

The illuminated tactical scope is loaded with features, such as, the Weaver Picatinny rails to absorb the recoil, the scope is filled with nitrogen, completely coated lens for low light conditions and create a quick bright and sharp view of target. The scope is shockproof, fog proof and water resistant. It has easy adjustment knobs for adjusting windage and elevation and a side wheel for illumination balancing. The red/green illuminated rangefinder reticle facilitates in figuring out the range of the target and aim a clean shot. The scope has a black Matte finish, material make-up is aluminum, and length is nearly 8.25” and weighs 9.3oz.

The tactical scope is designed for life-long performance.