Best Recurve Bow – Complete Review and Comparison

Modern recurve bow has marks of centuries of evolving and equal number of centuries of research and development. A strung recurve bow has tips curving away from the user and the string touches some section of the limb at each end. This recurve bow is more energy-efficient, stores more energy and transfers the same amount of energy to propel the arrow, as compared to straight-limbed bow.

A recurve bow is short and light in weight but is fast and accurate and is easy to negotiate in tight situations like a tree stand. It is designed to be an effective and efficient weapon for hunting and a sport equipment to enjoy and have fun.

Interestingly, the draw weight calculation is done according to the user’s body. Any draw weight is fine for target practice but for hunting purpose the draw weight is minimum 40Ibs which should be proportional to the user’s body.

Selecting and purchasing the correct recurve bow is seemingly complicated because you need to be experienced and knowledgeable about the technical aspects, material, design and quality of manufacturing to pick the right bow.

First is the purpose as to why you need a recurve bow? For target practice or a beginner, virtually, any bow from the top ten brands is fine. The purpose will also determine on how much to spend?

The only accessory you may require is a sight on the riser.

  • OMP Explorer 2.0
  • Product Dimensions: Not Specified
  • Brand: OMP
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 4.3 pounds
  • Made In: Not specified
  • Samick Sage Takedown
  • Product Dimensions: Not Specified
  • Brand: Samick
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: Not Specified
  • Made In: Not specified
  • SAS Takedown Youth Archery Recurve Bow
  • Product Dimensions: Draw Length: 28'', Bow Length: 64/60''
  • Brand: Courage
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 30/40 lbs.
  • Made In: Not specified

OMP Explorer 2.0 Right Hand Recurve Bow

October Mountain Products Explorer 2 is a fine bow for young arrivals in the discipline of archery who want to learn and enjoy it. OMP Explorer is neatly crafted, designed and forgiving for beginner archers and intermediate archers are equally comfortable with it. Erratic stances or uneven draws do not badly affect the shooting or accuracy of the bow. Both left and right handed versions can be purchased in the market. The package is reasonably priced without compromising on quality of product.

OMP Explorer is lightweight, durable and resistant to limb twist and a comfortable grip. The bow is made of a combination of laminated walnut, ash and maple wood and comes with superior quality Dacron string. The string is available in two sizes, 54” for young kids and 62” for teenagers. The draw weight ranges from 20Ibs to 40Ibs And OMP Explorer provides a choice of replacement limb sets to increase draw weight as desired without replacing the bow.

The OMP Explorer is a 3piece takedown recurve bow which requires whisker silencers to dampen the loud noise. The package includes OMP Explorer 2.0, riser, limbs, standard limb bolts, Dacron string, Dacron Flemish twist string, warranty card and the assembly manual.

The OMP Explorer has factory fitted bushing for a sight. Choice of arrow belongs to you.

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Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow is a welcome bow for beginners in archery. The design is supported by years of research and assists archers at entry level to perfect their stance and sharpen their shooting skills. The sage is easy to adjust, easy to handle, easy to draw and a powerful accurate bow. The Sage is stable, smooth and you do not feel any vibrations and all this is available at a low cost of $150.

The professional archers recommend Recurve 58” Fast Flight Plus Flemish bow string but the manufacturer’s 62” length facilitates smooth and any draw length. Longer draw length creates more kinetic energy to be transported by the arrow to inflict a lethal blow on the hunt. The takedown requires no tools and replacement of limbs for different draw weights is also easy.

The limbs are made of hard maple core enclosed in black fiberglass with reinforced bow tips. The riser is drilled to accommodate different accessories. Perfect balance and durability of riser is due to the make-up combination of laminated Olive Dymond and Hard Maple wood. Bow string is not included in the package. The Sage bow is available in right or left hand.

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SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Recurve Archery Bow

SAS Courage 60″ Takedown Recurve Archery Bow is a good choice as a beginners recurve bow. The bow is designed to offer easy handling, comfort, stability and accurate shooting with great arrow velocity. It is a fine bow loaded with the basic features required by new entrants in the world of archery. The Courage 60” is nicely built and is for right hand archers only.

The bow has a smooth draw and it is laced with latest vibration dampening technology. The bow is elegantly designed and the grip is comfortable to have a steady aim at the target. The easy takedown enables the archer to carry the bow without labor. The competitive price appeals to the new archers.

SAS Courage 60” is lightweight weighing barely 1.5Ibs, the riser is constructed from three different hard woods and the limb is also made out of wood bur reinforced with fiberglass. The bow comes in elegant black color.

The specifications of SAS Courage 60” are draw weight from 40Ibs to 55Ibs with increments of 5Ibs, the bow is 60” in length and the draw length is 28”. The power is enough to kill small game to encourage the beginners. The SAS Courage is an exciting bow with great comfort levels for amateurs.

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  • Longbowmaker Hungarian style Handmade Longbow
  • Product Dimensions: Bow Body Length: 145cm ; String Length: 131cm Draw Length: 28 inches ; Safe Draw Length: 33 inchs
  • Brand: Longbowmaker
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 1.5kg
  • Made In: China
  • SAS Spirit 62" Take Down Recurve Bow
  • Product Dimensions: 62 in
  • Brand: Southland Archery Supply
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 22, 26, 30, 34 Lbs
  • Made In: Not specified
  • Bear Archery Titan Bow
  • Product Dimensions: 22in. To 28in. Draw length, 22in. To 28in. Draw length
  • Brand: Bear Archery
  • Item Weight/Shipping Weight: 20lb. To 29lb. Draw weight
  • Made In: Not specified

Longbowmaker Hungarian style Handmade Longbow

Handmade Longbow Flagella is 100 percent made by hand and is a classical masterpiece which is beautiful and tested before selling to the customer. More than half the body of the bow is covered in fine lovely leather to give a unique look. The bow is made of quality materials with the limbs made from laminated wood and fiberglass and are durable. The bow is sturdy with an easy grip it has great speed with minimum hand shock. The slim structure of Longbow Flagella does not surrender to poor performance rather it is a great bow for bow hunting and target practice.
The Longbow Flagella features a draw weight ranging from 20 to 110Ibs with a draw length 28” and body length of 145 cm and the string length is 131cm. The bow is lightweight a bare 1.3kg but an effective hunting bow with a cost price below $200. Professional hunters recommend as an accessory the 100 percent handmade recurve bow arrows made from quality wood that are nocked and fletched (3pcs turkey feather 5”) with 100 grain field point inserted. The length of the arrows is 30”-33” and they are pre-cut, hand-spined and ready to shoot without any alterations.

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Spirit 62″ Take Down Recurve Bow

Spirit 62″ Take Down Recurve Bow is one of the best recurve bows for beginners available in the market. The bow is designed and manufactured to target the novice archers who are raw in this field. It is a fine bow for target practice and equally practical and effective for hunting sprees.

The bow is sold for below $100. The price defies the features of Spirit 62” like the flexibility of the bow combined with strength and durability that is achieved with laminated maple wood and powerful fiberglass. The children need to worry about breaking the bow by bending it. The bow is made for right hand archers.

Fiberglass material make the Spirit-62” strong and lightweight and it is 62” in length. The riser is made of three different types of woods obtained from the chuglam tree, gmelina tree, beech tree and arborea tree. The riser gets its pale color from the woods and the pale yellow color give the bow a nice attractive look.  The feature of the bow includes a draw weight ranging from 26 to 36 lbs to make it a viable bow.

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Bear Archery Titan Bow

Bear Archery Titan Bow is specifically for beginners costing hardly $40. Assembling the bow is easy; simply string the bow and that can be done with the help of a bow stringer. It is not a powerful bow with draw weights of 20 to 30Ibs but enough to give the young archer the thrills of small game hunt. The Titan is an accurate bow and properly tuned bow can achieve 2” groupings from 40 yards and from 50 yards the new players can maintain 3” groupings.

The Titan bow brace height is forgiving for the erratic stance and bad technique of the new archers. The bow is tough and sturdy to withstand the rough use of the bow. It features a nicely designed comfortable grip and is lightweight. The Titan weighs less then 1Ib which makes it an extremely light bow but the frame is strongly built.

Other features include a low draw weight to facilitate the young and new archers and it is ambidextrous to suit both left and right hand shooters. The length of the Titan is 60” constructed with durable composite limbs and rubber-gripped riser with a cheap polyester string. The bow has a draw weight of 20 to 30Ibs and a draw length of 22” to 28” for a 12-year old to get the feel of the power of the bow.

The package of Titan comes with Bear Archery Titan bow, armguard, finger tab, target, 2 safety-glass arrows and a quiver. Bow stringer is not part of the package and it is a strongly recommended item to help the youngsters to string the bow. The bow is without options for accessories.

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Martin Archery Saber Takedown Recurve Bow

The Martin Saber Takedown Recurve Bow is designed for professional hunters and intermediate archers. It is also a superb bow for beginners and is remarkably accurate and smooth and decently priced below $250 which makes the bow an attractable buy. Beginners can easily manage the tuning and are comfortable with the grip of the bow and it is low on vibration. The Martin Saber is a takedown so transportation is no problem and the limbs can be replaced as desired.

The Martin Saber is very forgiving with a bow length of 64” and a wide range of draw weights from 35Ibs to 70Ibs giving it tremendous power and make it a good hunting weapon. The Saber offers patented Vibration Vortex VEM’s to provide a silent, vibration-less and accurate shot at the game. Only right hand shooters can use the Saber.

The Martin Saber package includes a riser, limbs, arrow rest, string and warranty card. Arrows have to be bought separately. The Saber takedown can be assembled simply by tightening the screws to attach the limbs to the riser and string the bow either manually or with a bow stringer.

The Martin Saber has a comfortable padded grip and the limbs are made of laminated wood and fiberglass and like most takedown recurve bows can be disassembled with no effort. The long and lightweight riser is made from machined aluminum and drilled for different accessories and it has an insignificant hand shock at the time of shooting. Any type of arrows can be used and any recurve bow string can be also used.

The Martin Saber has a smooth draw and creates a lot of power to inflict a fatal blow on the hunt. The bow is reliable and great companion on a hunting expedition.

Martin Archery Panther Take Down Bow

Martin Archery Panther take down bow is made of high standard quality material and is a dependable recurve bow that can be crucial to your hunting expedition. The Panther is one of the best recurve bow brands in the market. It has an impressive design and has a 62”machined aluminum riser and it is one of the fastest and smoothest hunting recurve bows which is deadly accurate and very forgiving.

The Panther takedown is easy to tune and powerful to take-on big game.  The recurve bow generates great power output, it ie easy to draw, easy to handle and is assured of durability, reliability and dependability. The professionals consider the Panther as the most accurate bows in the world with a super balance to provide excellent performance.

The specifications of Panther include an AMO 62” weighing at 2.7Ibs and string material is fast flight. The draw weight ranges from 30Ibs to 55Ibs with &” brace height. The advance technology of Vibration Vortex (Vibration Escape Module) ensures a shock free release of the arrow. It is constructed from Omega V dampening material that dampens the vibration.

The frame is made of laminated wood and the limbs are made of fiberglass to give the bow flexibility and lightweight. The raised aluminum riser is drilled and tapped to accommodate accessories like sight, rest, stabilizer and quiver. It is a takedown bow for easy transportation and storage. The stringer and arrow rest are included in the package.

The Panther takedown recurve bow is ideal for game, fishing and target practice.

Martin Jaguar Takedown Bow, 45-Pound, Camouflage

Martin Jaguar is an excellent hunting recurve bow for intermediate archers and great for beginners to do target practice at a price that is easy on the wallet. The bow is sturdy, lightweight (2.7Ibs), artistically designed, with a comfortable but firm grip and is reliable and accurate. Superb grouping can be achieved from different distances of 30 yards to 50 yards. It is a takedown bow so it is easy to transport and carry, change weight and store.

Martin Jaguar features a right hand camo, AMO length of 60,” brace height 7,” a draw weight of 45Ibs and an arrow rest. The arrow rest is adjustable with two tightening screws; it is made from plastic which is prone to wear and tear. The limbs are resilient and dependable and made from laminated wood and fiberglass.

Martin Jaguar is a nice option for hunters because it provides powerful and accurate shot and easy to maneuver in tight spots like when sitting in a stand or blind. With a draw weight 40Ibs and draw length 27” the bow is effective in killing a deer from a distance of 30 yards and for bigger hunt the draw weight should be increased to 45Ibs and above.

Buffalo Hunting Bow and Arrow Handmade Recurve Horsebow Longbow for Adults

Buffalo hunting bow and arrow handmade recurve horsebow is a state of-the-art product equipped with innovations in the field of sciences and technology. It is a top of the line product offering superb effective performance, superior quality and durability. The bow is specifically designed for hunting and is excellent for target shooting and it is 100 percent handmade with a unique style. The red cobra snakeskin cover adds beauty to the design and style and makes it a collectible item.

The bow is light and smooth and is made of fiberglass, the limbs are also in fiberglass and the handle is made of wood. The bow is a quality product and when strung the look is worth the cost. The Buffalo hunting recurve bow as a draw length between 29.5” and 31.5” and the draw weight ranges from 30 to 60Ibs. The bow has high quality limbs and riser and fit for different types of arrows. The grip provides the maximum comfort level and great accuracy. It is a fine hunting weapon.