Excalibur Axiom SMF Review

The Review

Excalibur Axiom SMF crossbow defies the odds of a remarkably manufactured and designed crossbow at such a fair price. The Axiom is priced below $500 and is jam packed with top quality features. The price lures anyone who wants to enter the arena of crossbow shooting for fun and it is loaded with a long list of features to impress the serious and experienced hunter. The Axiom SMF is engineered to precision and generates arrow velocity in excess of 305 feet per second and achieving amazingly consistent accuracy.

The Excalibur Axiom is reliable and produces great power to take down the big animals roaming the wilderness of North America. The crossbow is an efficient and effective killing machine. The Axiom crossbow is a product of years of lab testing, research and investment of time and money. Pound for pound it is the best crossbow for the money in the market. The Axiom is a symbol of quality, accuracy, durability and economy.

The crossbow barely weighs 6 pounds to weigh easy on the hunter to carry it for long distances and for long hours. Needless to say that heavier crossbow takes toil on the body and muscles and can visibly sap the energy at the eleventh hour. That is, the time of aiming and shooting at the hunt. Superbly designed and the fit and finish is exemplary to keep the Excalibur Axiom way ahead of the competitors.

The Technology

The Axiom SMF engages NASA level technology in manufacturing the composite stock which is guaranteed to be comfortable and durable. The Excalibur is comfortable to hold and easy to carry on tough and rugged terrains. In order to achieve the highest level of accuracy the crossbow is computer-machined which also creates precise alignment and balance. The Magtip recurve limbs are manufactured involving modules as the basis to design them. The Magtip system of the limbs produces exceptional velocity with far less noise as compared to other crossbows.

The balance of the Axiom is designed to slightly tilt forward to dampen the recoil and offer stability. The crossbow is equipped with a patented trigger that uses only 3 pounds of pressure to trigger perfect accuracy. The trigger is engineered to perfection and it is quick in response with a positive impact and keeps the crossbow stable with no significant movement. The maintenance of the trigger is easy and high performance requires slight lubrication. The color of the crossbow is registered and has an exclusive name of “advantage timber.”

The Praise

The manufacturer has replaced the projecting aluminum rail with a fiber reinforced and cross braced plastic to keep the cost of the crossbow reasonable without surrendering the quality. The Axiom crossbow is a stunning hunting and target shooting weapon. It displays exceptional accuracy; it is dependable under extreme conditions, ideally balanced for weight and it provides a super grip. The Excalibur Axiom is a wonderful choice for beginners in target practice and the crossbow is also a wonderful weapon for the professional hunter of big game. It is virtually a maintenance-free crossbow.

Important Statistics of Excalibur Axiom

The Axiom SMF generates amazing force or speed to propel the projectile to travel over 305 fps. This outstanding speed is the due to the 175Ibs draw weight and a power stroke of 14.5 inches. The Axiom can be easily cocked with the 175Ibd draw weight and 14.5” power stroke.  Almost 80 ft lbs of kinetic energy  produced by Axiom at point blank range with the arrows supplied by the manufacturer. You can lose 2 ft lbs of kinetic energy with each 10 yards moved from zero point. This means, if you move 30 yard the kinetic energy lost is 6 ft lbs. Mass weight of 6lbs makes the crossbow a light weapon to carry. The company provides 20” carbon arrows. The Firebolt carbon arrows are engineered to precision and produce smashing speeds with idolized accuracy. The important stats for the broadheads are weight w/100 grain tip and fletched with 4” vanes.

The surface of the Axiom SMF is flawless, stock and limb are neatly camouflaged in “Real Tree,” the rail is matte black and made of reinforced plastic like the arm replacing aluminum. The manual safety can be managed while wearing gloves in cold weather. Finally, the cocking aid makes the cocking of the crossbow easy.

The Features

The lightweight and artistically designed foregrip facilitate in handling and transporting the crossbow. Without the foot stirrup it is 37.5” in length and the Magtip limbs have quality lamination so they do not bend or warp. The shoulder plate rests nicely on the body shape.

Power stroke of the Axiom is 14.5” and combined with 175lbs draw weight gives great energy to the arrow.  Although lightweight touching 6lbs yet the crossbow is possessed with remarkable speed. Length is 37.5” and arrow length is 20” the combination produces excellent rate of speed. The brace height is from 1” to 1.5” from the string (at rest) to the merging point of the deck and riser.

The Package

The package of Excalibur includes the crossbow, string, matching multiplex scope with mount, four arrow quiver with mount, rope cocking aid, wax for string, four Firebolt 20” arrows complete with field points, screws and hex keys, DVD disc video with assembly guidelines, safety booklet, assembly manual and lifetime limited warranty.

The Assembly

The assemble-it-yourself DVD takes you through the four basic steps to put together the crossbow within 10 minutes. The crossbow comes with the string attached so secure the prod to the stock, screw the mount to the stock for the arrow quiver, attach the scope to the scope mount and screw in the foot stirrup. The Axiom is ready.

The Scope

The Excalibur multiplex scope may require slight sighting out of the box, normally, it is zeroed-in. The scope comes with the mount and tools to mount the scope. The Excalibur scope is centered at 30 and 40 yards but for adjustment the main cross-hair need to be centered for 20 yards and the rest of the reticles will automatically fall-in for 30, 40 and 50 yards. The magnification of the multi-reticle scope is x2.5 with 4 cross-hairs and gives a sharp crisp image even in dim light. It takes 2 or 3 arrows to have a perfect zero-in to get 2” groupings from 35 yards and beyond. It is a fine high quality, durable and reliable scope.

Storing the Axiom in a case is easy; simply remove 2 screws on the limbs and it will fit in a case. A good, lightweight and strong case with pockets can hold the quiver and other accessories. Do not store a cocked crossbow it can be dangerous and also warp the crossbow.

The Preparation

Wax the string and turn on the safety before using the rope cocking device to ease cocking the Axiom. It is strenuous to do cocking manually. The powerful scope requires little work to set the sighting as desired. The scope shall provide you a sharp, clear, crisp and x2.5 magnified image of the moving distant animal. You must be in control of your emotions and your gear on sighting the hunt. Let the target approach within shooting range now get a firm hold on the hole on the limb to minimize the recoil of Excalibur crossbow. You are ready to unleash a lethal arrow hit on the prey.

The Beginner

The Axiom SMF is light and comfortable to operate. The crossbow is steady and stable with an effortless trigger to offer a balanced platform to shoot. The crossbow has almost zero vibration or swaying. The beginner can attain consistency in hitting the target every time. The crossbow has a highly accurate scope that functions exceptionally well under poor light conditions and the price of the Excalibur is light on the wallet.

The frame is good quality, the design is exceptional and the body requires minimum maintenance-no quick replacement of parts. If the string breaks it can be easily replaced. A note of caution for the beginner to keep the fingers below the flight rail and ensure the manual safety is on prior to seating the arrow in the rail.

The Summary

The Excalibur Axiom in performance is a major league player at the low cost of a minor league player. The crossbow is a product of refined Synthetic Main Frame (SMF) technology which significantly lessens both the weight and cost. The light weight and low cost do not compromise on quality, performance, frame and parts longevity and persistently superb accuracy.

The Axiom SMF crossbow is complemented with a sophisticated magnifying reticle scope that functions in all-weather conditions to provide a clear image of the game. The scope enhances the ability of the shooter to obtain arrow splitting accuracy.

The Excalibur crossbow is a complete package that infuses ultimate satisfaction.